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Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007
Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007
Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007

Product Features

    Taylor 814ce V-Class #18007

    Price: $3,499.00

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    Product Description

    The new Taylor 814ce V-Class has arrived.  The V-Class Bracing is an Andy Powers design and takes Taylor Guitars to a whole new level!

    You will receive the exact guitar shown in the listing.  Serial number: 1103218007

    The new V-Class Bracing design creates much greater sustain in the guitar.  Additionally, the guitar now has a better intonation/"in-tuneness" when compared to the standard X braced guitars you will find on the market.  As players play open chords up the neck, they will find that the guitar stays true and doesn't "warble" in certain spots.

    The 2018 Taylor 814ce V-Class is otherwise the same guitar as the 2017 models.  The 2018 V-Class model has bracing on the top of the guitar shaped like a V.  Players will enjoy all of the extra tone, sustain and intonation!

    Here is an additional description of the Taylor 814ce V-Class:

    Featuring a Solid Sitka Spurce Top, players will notice that the guitar now boasts a more lively and responsive tone. The guitar continues to feature the rich and full sounding East Indian Rosewood back and sides.

    The Grand Auditorium body style allows for amazing versatility.  Players will absolutely notice a much larger bottom end and a full clean high end.  When strumming, the guitar projects extremely well while staying balanced with a rich bass response.  The highs are crisp but never brittle.  When playing lead or fingerstyle, players will be rewarded with the response of a much larger guitar.

    Equipped with the Taylor Expression System 2, the Taylor 814ce V-Class will provide the most natural and lush plugged-in tones on stage or in the studio.

    3.5-mil gloss-finish body, pale maple binding and back strip, rosewood top edge trim, abalone rosette outlined with rosewood, rosewood pickguard and light-marbled ebony fretboard.

    Finished with Chrome Die Cast Tuners and the Venetian Cutaway, the Taylor 814ce continues to be finished with the most refined features Taylor has to offer.

    We are proud to have been selected as one of a select few Taylor Guitars Online Preferred Dealers.

    Please call Joe Ravita at Empire Music at 412-343-5299 for more info.

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