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Vox VX I
Vox VX IVox VX I
Vox VX IVox VX I

Product Features

  • Condition: New
  • Type: Solid State
  • Watts: 15W
  • Built in Tuner: Yes
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Headphone Output: on
  • Digital Effects: on
  • Aux In: Yes
  • EQ Type: 2 band
  • Warranty: Factory

Vox VX I

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Product Description

The VX I is the best-sounding practice amplifiers from VOX yet! This amp combines a number of exceptional features to yield a new practice amplifier that produces an impressive variety of serious guitar tones. Making its debut in the VX Series, VOX’s new VET (Virtual Element Technology) modeling technology offers the most accurate amplifier models to date. By carefully analyzing the circuit design components used in classic American and British tube amplifiers, VX amplifiers offer tones that are reminiscent of some of the most coveted tube amplifiers of all time!  In addition to the amp models, VX amps feature a complement of classic effects, including four types of modulation and four types of delay & reverb. Additional features like an FET-based analog power amp design, a unique-bass reflex structure, and a sealed, one-piece speaker enclosure result in an extraordinary playing experience!

With 15 Watts of power and a full complement of classic amps and effects, the VX I is the ultimate practice amplifier for players who crave flexibility & sound quality.


  • 15 Watts; 6.5” Custom VOX Speaker
  • New VET modeling technology; Analog power amp
  • 11 coveted amp models; 8 classic effects
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