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Vox AV15
Vox AV15Vox AV15Vox AV15
Vox AV15Vox AV15Vox AV15

Product Features

  • Condition: New
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Watts: 15W
  • Built in Tuner: Yes
  • Reverb: Yes
  • Headphone Output: on
  • Digital Effects: on
  • Aux In: Yes
  • EQ Type: 3 band
  • Warranty: Factory

Vox AV15

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Product Description

Drawing upon nearly 60 years of tube amplifier design, the all-new AV (Analog Valve) Series from VOX offers players a full palette of authentic amplifier sounds via eight, all-analog pre-amp circuits .VOX’s AV amplifiers also feature a true analog circuit design based on the classic 12AX7 tube, which lends classic, harmonically rich tones to these amps. The innovative Valve Stage section modifies the circuit to add, or reduce, brightness & bass response, and also allows users to adjust the bias and response of the power section on the fly. Additional features like a unique, sealed cabinet design, three classic effects (Chorus, Delay & Reverb), and a retro-inspired aesthetic establish the AV Series as one the most exciting, and unique, offerings in the VOX lineup.

The VOX AV15 is packed with eight, distinct analog pre-amp circuits for a wide range of classic & modern tones. With a 12AX7 in both the pre-amp, and the power amp, the AV15 provides authentic tube tone at bedroom volumes.


  • Achieve authentic tones with eight, all-analog pre-amp circuits
  • 15 Watts of power through a custom VOX 8” speaker
  • True analog circuit design complete with a twin triode 12AX7 tube 
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