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Yamaha FS800
Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800
Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800Yamaha FS800

Product Features

  • Condition: New
  • Body: Folk
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Rosewood
  • Scale: 25 "
  • Top: Solid Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Nato/Okume
  • Warranty: Factory Lifetime

Yamaha FS800

Price: $325.00

Empire Price:$199.00

You save: $126.00! (38.77%)

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Product Description

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Yamaha's standard acoustic model, with simple and traditional looks and outstanding quality, at an affordable price. A solid-top guitar with authentic sound that is well balanced without sacrificing its robust strength, thanks to the newly developed scalloped bracing design. Can be confidently recommended to all beginner guitarists. The small and thin body is perfect not only for female/young players but for intermediate to upper level finger-picking style players.

The new Yamaha FS800 has a louder and stronger sound in the low- to mid-ranges, thanks to cutting-edge acoustic analysis technology developed by the Yamaha R&D Division. Yamaha’s engineers have achieved this sound by utilizing analysis and simulation to arrive at the best bracing design without depending on tradition or guesswork. This analysis led to the development of the new scalloped bracing pattern, a new and ideal acoustic structure that maintains the durability of the top board while bringing out the most sound the Yamaha FG has to offer

Every aspect of the Yamaha FS800 is crafted to make a better guitar. From painstakingly cured and dried woods to beautiful hand-sprayed finishes and detailed quality control checks each and every FG is made to be a lifelong partner.


  • Small Body
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Nato/Okume Back & Sides
  • Newly Developed Scalloped Bracing
  • Traditional looks and outstanding quality
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