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Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052
Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052
Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052

Product Features

  • Condition: New
  • Body: Grand Auditorium
  • Fretboard: Solid Ebony
  • Bridge: Solid Ebony
  • Scale: 25.5 "
  • Electronics: Taylor Expression System 2
  • Bracing: V Brace
  • Top: Solid Adirondack Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Solid Flame Maple
  • Case: Included (Hardshell)
  • Warranty: Factory Lifetime

Taylor 614ce V-Class #78052

Price: $3,499.00

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Product Description

The new Taylor 614ce V-Class has arrived.  The V-Class Bracing is an Andy Powers design and takes Taylor Guitars to a whole new level!

You will receive the exact guitar shown in the listing.  Serial number:  1107178052

The new V-Class Bracing design creates much greater sustain in the guitar.  Additionally, the guitar now has a better intonation/"in-tuneness" when compared to the standard X braced guitars you will find on the market.  As players play open chords up the neck, they will find that the guitar stays true and doesn't "warble" in certain spots.

The 2018 Taylor 614ce V-Class is otherwise the same guitar as the 2017 models.  The 2018 V-Class model has bracing on the top of the guitar shaped like a V.  Players will enjoy all of the extra tone, sustain and intonation!

Here are the additional specs of the Taylor 614ce V-Class:

Featuring a Solid Sitka Spruce top (which has been baked) and stunning Solid Flamed Maple Back and Sides, the Taylor 614ce V-Class will give you a maple experience that you have never enjoyed.

With a much richer and warmer sound, the new 614ce will have you realizing a much more complex and resilient tone than that of previous maple guitars.  Bigger bottom end and less aggressive treble tones will allow you to play with much more versatility.

Specifications for the Taylor 614ce include:

*Torrefied Spruce Top--Taylor has roasted the top of this guitar to break down the stiff molecular composition of the wood.  This allows for the guitar to sound aged and more played in, which leads to the top moving more and sounding much older!

*Flamed Maple Back and Sides--Flamed Maple provides serious focus and clarity.  Players will find that the guitar can be heard easily among other instruments and notes don't bleed into each other.  Great for strumming big, clear and open chords or playing leads, maple will have you sounding super balanced.

*Cosmetic Upgrades-- Grained ivoroid Wing fretboard inlays, Gloss-finish ebony backstrap with inlay,Ebony/grained ivoroid binding and purfling, Paua rosette edged with ebony/grained ivoroid, Ebony-bound soundhole and Striped ebony pickguard.

Equipped with the Taylor ES2 Expression System, the Taylor 614ce V-Class will have the most natural and lush plugged-in sound for stage or studio.

Including the Factory Lifetime Warranty, Factory Hardshell Case and Empire Music's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, the Taylor 614ce V-Class will make a fantastic addition to anyone's stable of guitars.

We are proud to be one of a select few Taylor Guitars Online Preferred Dealers!

Please call Joe Ravita at Empire Music @ 412-343-5299 for more info.

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