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Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019
Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019
Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019

Product Features

  • Condition: New
  • Body: Grand Auditorium
  • Fretboard: Solid Ebony
  • Bridge: Solid Ebony
  • Scale: Standard Scale "
  • Electronics: Taylor Expression System 2
  • Bracing: V Brace
  • Top: Solid Sitka Spruce
  • Back & Sides: Solid Sapele
  • Case: Included (Hardshell)
  • Warranty: Factory Lifetime

Taylor 314ce V-Class #58019

Price: $1,999.00

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Product Description

The new Taylor 314ce V-Class has arrived.  The V-Class Bracing is an Andy Powers design and takes Taylor Guitars to a whole new level!

You will receive the exact guitar shown in the listing.  Serial number:  1105258019

The new Gemstone fretboard inlay adds a fresh look to the model.

The 2018 Taylor 314ce V-Class is otherwise the same guitar as the 2017 model.  The 2018 V-Class model has bracing on the top of the guitar shaped like a V.  Players will enjoy all of the extra tone, sustain and intonation!

Here are the additional specs of the Taylor 314ce V-Class:

The Taylor 314ce is a made in the USA gem.

The Taylor 314ce has a grand auditorium body style with cutaway that provides tons of tone, balance and clarity.  It is extremely easy to hold and versatile for all styles of music.

Featuring Solid Sapele back and sides, which shares mahogany’s lively tonal response, the Taylor 314ce is balanced and clean.  The gloss-finish Solid Sitka spruce top rings out with a brightness and clarity that gives this guitar a definitive Taylor voice.

The versatility of this instrument is overwhelming.  Strummers will love its balanced response and tight clean output.  Fingerstlye/lead players will find the crisp top and lively bass equally enjoyable.  Great for all styles of music, the Taylor 314ce will provide a wide range of great tones.

When the Taylor 314ce is plugged in, players will get to experience the amazingly and newly upgraded Taylor ES2 electronics package.  The ES2 system is a favorite for live performances and recording.

Final appointments include Solid Ebony Fretboard, Solid Ebony Bridge, Black Binding, and Die Cast Nickel Tuners.

Including the Taylor Lifetime Warranty, Original Factory Hardshell Case and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Taylor 314ce with V-Class bracing can do it all!

We are proud to have been chosen as one of a select few Taylor Guitars Online Preferred Dealers.

Please call Joe Ravita at Empire Music @ 412-343-5299 for more information.

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